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Fall Out Boy Posts Lyrics To New Album

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fobAlong with streaming their new album for the world to hear, Fall Out Boy has also posted lyrics to each song on their website. Check out the lyrics to each song below!

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Linguine with Spring Herbs, Chilli and Crab

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crab linguineIn winter many of us are happy to take a bit more time preparing meals – chopping stuff to pop into the slow cooker to enjoy later; cooking down a sulfurous pile of onions to a sweet tangle of deliciousness. But Spring, well it is the shape of things to come, with gardens to be pottered in, hills to be climbed, miles to be run (the first only for me!). After a cooped up winter we just want to be outside, not inside reducing a heavy sauce or tending to a stovetop stew. So even though the temperature is not yet playing ball, I am just going to pretend it is warm, willing on the thermometer with spring-fresh meals like this.

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Photo Remixing App Repix Sees 1.5M Downloads In First Week, Instagram Sharing Cited As Viral Driver

Squeezed Lemon.


Suck it In.

JUN Auto’s R35 GT-R squeezed in before hitting Fuji Speedway..

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Gold Rush.


Rumble at Tsukuba.


Secret’s Out; the best GT-R’s in the world battle for Domination.

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Pete Wentz Comments on Fan’s Criticism on Sound Change

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61765_10151240369835780_332482820_nBassist of Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz, commented on fan’s criticism of the band’s new sound within their music. Check out a message from Wentz below!

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Sum 41 Begin Writing For New Album

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178492_i30_005According to an interview with Music Express in Canada, Sum 41 has began writing for a new album. Check out the article here.


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