Veld is Coming

by rawdenimgeek

Factory Sound

In an overall sense, this was $150 well spent. Well, $200 if you count the fact I bought tickets for three and offered discounts for my friends, and the fact I lost my umbrella.

Day 1 was somewhat lifeless for me until Steve Aoki showed up in the main stage, although I did enjoy the Bacardi Tent for a bit with DallasK and others. Steve Aoki was good, but my fav set that day went to Steve Angello, with Knife Party coming second. I couldn’t enjoy deadmau5’s set as much as I wanted to due to all the druggies pushing and shoving everywhere, plus the fact I lost my friends during the set. Seems like he wasn’t happy as well since most of his new gadgets were damaged in the rain…

I didn’t arrive for Day 2 until around 5:30pm as I overslept (heh), so I went for Nicky Romero’s…

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